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We operate a small, boutique agency representing our own students, securing them professional work in tv, film, theatre, voice over and modelling. We are very experienced in the licencing process and are happy to manage this on behalf of the production, if required.

If you're looking for young actors from 4 - 21 please get in touch. We are happy to sub through other agencys.

Hannah Pound_DSC0629_portrait
Toby Brewer_DSC0473_portrait
Tessa Stephens_DSC9783_portrait
Rebecca Guria_DSC0762_portrait
Kiah Worley_DSC0377_portrait
Hannah Pickard_DSC9545_portrait
Danni Wood_DSC9680_portrait
Azaria Savy_DSC9469_portrait
Taylor Farrow - IMG_2151
Sasha Frampton - IMG_3524
Sabrina Bouvet - IMG_2759
Robyn-Jane Obee - IMG_1952
Rhiannon Davies - IMG_3127
Rheanna Dennis -IMG_2784
Pearl Castor Willox - IMG_2976
Paige Yeo - IMG_2428
Molly Goodman - IMG_3020
Maya Jones - IMG_1822
Megan Marsh - IMG_3346
Martha Meager -IMG_3051
Madison Walker - IMG_2281
Luke Garner-Greene - IMG_2111
Lucy Hunt - IMG_3248
Lottie Maggs - IMG_2551
Lily Dyte - IMG_2909
Jessica Finch - IMG_2618
Isla Moody - IMG_2504
Evie Long - IMG_1623
Hannah Scott - IMG_3280
Evie Bennett - IMG_2255
Emelia Arnold - IMG_1644
Emma Hart - IMG_3194
Ellie Davis - IMG_1882
Ellie Carter - IMG_3410
Ellese Pegler - IMG_2054
Brooke Townsend - IMG_1746
Anya Hathaway - IMG_2390
Alicia Jeanes - IMG_1532
Spike W 1
Zara S
Sugar N
Sophia D
Riah S 2
Amy edit IMG_5542
Mia E
Marcie C
Macy C 4
Lena S
Kuba S
Kejti D
Izzy B 2
Hope W-C
Emily H
Emmanuelle F 2016
Ben S
Benji T-V
Ella B-J
Edie A-H
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